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The Lothians Family History Society is a non-profit making Society consisting of members interested in promoting the study of Genealogy and Ancestry, starting and extending further interest and research into both Local and Family History, and in the compilation of Family Trees. We providing facilities for genealogical research, primarily in the Lothians area, but we cover Scotland and a wider geographic area when required.

We meet every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm (except July and August) at Lasswade High School Centre Eskdale Drive Bonnyrigg Midlothian EH19 2LA Scotland. To find us in Bonnyrigg see the local map .

The Society`s Library is housed in a location adjacent to the School Library. The Society is a member of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies. Whether you are a novice or an accomplished researcher the LFHS is here to help you. If you live locally, or at a great distance, our Society is committed to helping you in your quest for knowledge about your Family Tree. The Society is located close to the National Records of Scotland and our local researchers may be the key to helping you solve your ‘brick wall’.

We hope you will enjoy our site and facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. Also look at our facebook page here

The Society has a number of resources at its disposal, however the material is for reference use only and cannot be borrowed. There is a selection of books and pamphlets for the absolute beginner, some more specialised guides and CDs for the more advanced members and newsletters from other Family History Societies. There are files on alternative sources of information from Scottish Public Libraries to the National Repositories like National Records of Scotland and the National Library of Scotland. We have a collection of Edinburgh Directories of various dates, files of commercial search organisations and of various courses and events. Of course the Lasswade library has a number of publications and a collection of maps covering Scotland and Northern England.
The Society strives to keep all its members interested and we have access to the library`s computers and the Internet. Many members have volunteered in projects, e.g. indexing of Midlothian burial records as well as their own interests or just helping others with their research. There are many more details about the Society which you will find in this web site.
A Speaker Evening is held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, with a wide variety of invited speakers providing talks, videos and lectures on many local and Ancestry related subjects. See Diary for Speakers' diary and events.
Our newsletters and booklets provide information about research being done by members and a Facebook page for requests for help from outside the area. We currently have members from all over the world and with such a wide membership there are lots of possible links. Some of the members are happy to assist with simple research, the only charge being for any additional expense incurred. It is also possible to put members in touch with experienced researchers if required.
The society publishes and distributes a newsletter thrice yearly in February, June and October to keep members abreast of Society activities and to provide interesting stories about family history. Member can opt to receive their Newsletter by post or by e-mail. A full set of back-numbers are available in the Library. The society is always looking for articles to be included in future publications. If you have anything you think might interest the members, whether it is pertinent to your family or not, or something you have found of interest, funny or otherwise, the society would love to hear from you.
The society welcomes visitors who seek advice or assistance with their Family research or who may have hit ‘brick walls’ with their Family Trees. Advice and assistance is available from our resident ‘Archivists’ and from experienced members. We meet every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm (except July and August) at Lasswade High School Centre Eskdale Drive Bonnyrigg Midlothian EH19 2LA Scotland. To find us in Bonnyrigg see the local map
“Meeting people of like-minded interest in Family History of Midlothian and East Lothian. - I have become hooked and get great help and support in my research on the fishermen of Prestonpans.”

“I have always been interested in a wide range of history topics but there was nobody left in my family to tell me about my ancestry. I wanted to know more about my father’s side of the family. I like a challenge.”

“I found an article on ‘Rootschat’ website about my family and wanted to find out more, so I joined LFHS to expand my knowledge and to understand where my ancestors came from. It’s good to share success and get help and encouragement.”
“My husband had been researching his family for a while, so when I retired I wanted to do similar research on my side of the family, but needed help. My neighbour (a member of LFHS) suggested coming along for advice and assistance from their experienced members. I’m having great fun and haven’t looked back”

“Benefits came when I joined the Society and to date, I have now managed to get back a further three generations. They immediately made me feel welcome, and there is a ‘fun’ element on meeting nights.”

"The Society Library has been invaluable as a reference source. I have found so much information amongst the local and national resources held in their on-site Library."

"The monthly talks are amazing, and regular visits to New Register House are a massive benefit to all who attend."

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